Initiated procedure for opening bankruptcy of “Beton” due to four unpaid salaries


The Union of Trade Unions of Macedonia has announced that they have initiated bankruptcy proceedings for the construction giant Beton due to unpaid salaries of employees and blocked accounts of the company. The SSM stresses that several mechanisms have been used so far to respect the rights of workers, but this was not realized, after which they approached this “final step”.
“The Trade Union for Construction, Industry and Projection of Macedonia, on behalf of the employees of AD Beton, submitted to the basic civil court in Skopje yesterday a post-pack for the opening of pre-bankruptcy proceedings for the termination of the employer, after we used all the mechanisms to pay the salaries in a period of nine months and for the company to continue operating. Beton has not been paid a salary for the fourth month, and the account, that is, all accounts of the company have been blocked for 45 days,” said the President of the Trade Union for Construction, Industry and Design of the Republic of Macedonia Ivan Peshevski.

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