Opposition demands that the Court initiate the revocation of Prime Minister Kovachevski’s business capacity


The Court should act immediately according to Art. 40 of the Law on non-litigation procedure, which states that the procedure for revocation of business capacity is urgent and to start the procedure for revocation of the business capacity of the deserter Kovachevski, pointed out Dragan Kovachki, MP and member of the VMRO-DPMNE Executive Committee.
“The very fact that there are doubts that the deserter Prime Minister Kovacevski may have impaired business capacity, and which is based on the certificate of permanent incapacity that he himself presented to the army should be a motive for starting the procedure. Permanent incapacity is not a condition that can be removed, and taking into account that the deserter Kovachevski does not say whether he is really permanently incapacitated or he lied to the institutions in order not to join the army, the suspicion that he really is permanently incapacitated and may have impaired business capacity is justified,” said Kovachki.

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