analysis: How much money goes to the workers, how much to the bosses? Of the ten largest employers, only two provide above-average wages


About 25,647 workers worked at the ten largest employers in 2021. Combined, they made an income of about 1.1 billion euros, which is about 10 percent of the entire gross domestic product. On average, this means that each worker is responsible for creating an annual income of 42,890 euros, or a monthly income of 3,574 euros (218,140 denars).

All the companies in which they work ended last year with a profit, and the total amount of profit is 58.8 million euros, or each employee, on average, created a profit of 2,292 euros per year, or 191 euros per month (11,746 denars). The average net salary in these ten companies combined was MKD 24,950. The figures lead to an interesting conclusion: the net profit created by each individual is almost half the value of the average salary.

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