Mickoski: The plan to deal with the energy crisis is through the purchase of twice as cheap electricity, putting all domestic facilities into operation and legal changes for public enterprises


During the past period, we discussed, planned, created solutions, consulted with other chambers of commerce and presented our plan to the Economic Chamber of Macedonia, not only to the Union of Economic Chambers.

The proposal envisages putting into operation all domestic production facilities, and we make available all the contacts we have outside the country, in Europe and beyond, to provide a resource sufficient for the production facilities to provide electricity for the business community. Energy for the economy that will be at least twice as cheap as what it pays today compared to the HUPX reference exchange. And, at the same time, let’s provide a resource with which the users of central heating in Skopje will not receive increased heat bills, said VMRO-DPMNE party leader HristijanMickoski, after Wednesday’s meeting at the Union dedicated to the energy crisis.

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