VMRO-DPMNE to reveal a new energy scandal: Who are the crisis profiteers?


The opposition party VMRO-DPMNE announced the “Broilo (Electricity Usage Monitor)” affair at a press release on Saturday.
The party says that while the standard of the citizens is collapsing with each coming day of the crisis, some are making huge profits and getting richer.
“That will be revealed by the Broilo scandal, which will show which companies close to the government officials used the crises to make millions. While Macedonia was sinking into the energy crisis, some companies’ meters were spinning, but not how much to pay, but how much to fill their bank account.
The people should know that while 12 thousand companies closed down, and thousands more do not know how to pay their electricity bills during the energy crisis, some companies close to the government profited from that crisis.
The Broilo scandal will clarify many business schemes for getting rich at the expense of the poorer citizens. The Broilo scandal will show why this government prefers a crisis situation and why it persistently goes from one to another,” the opposition party said.

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