Kovachki: Petrovska to be held accountable – classified documents and computers with strictly confidential content were stolen from the Ministry of Defense


Yet another robbery at the Ministry of Defense. Even after 2 years since the robbery at the headquarters of the Ministry of Defense when uniforms and other equipment were stolen, a case that has not been solved to this day, today in the center of Skopje, on OrceNikolov Street, a regional unit of the Ministry of Defense was robbed, accuses opposition MP DraganKovachki.

“Classified documents were stolen from the regional unit of the Ministry of Defense and computers containing classified, i.e. strictly confidential, data were stolen.

This offense is not only for resignation, but also for criminal responsibility.

The embarrassment that SDS – anti-Macedonian causes to the state, defense and security is huge.

Personally, I don’t remember such amateurism and irresponsibility in the Ministry of Defense,” Kovachki accused.

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