Angjushev: Big companies depend on the state procurement of energy at lower prices


The political subjects should sit together and see what real opportunities the state has for buying energy, and the economy will provide support, said Prof. Dr. Kocho Angjushev, President of the Macedonian Energy Association and President of the Management Board and Executive Director of the “Feroinvest” group, in an interview with Sitel TV.

Angjushev sees the salvation for the large economy, i.e. for large facilities whose production largely depends on electricity, in the operation at maximum capacity of all energy facilities in the country, which requires a timely supply of fuel oil, coal, oil, gas, after prices as low as possible, in order for domestic electricity to be cheaper than that on the exchanges.

“Those companies where the share of electricity in the total costs is over 20 to 30 percent, and which are on the free market, will not be able to withstand the high prices of energy.” If these companies start closing, and they have a large number of employees, those people will not have any way to pay their bills,” said Angjushev, commenting on the situation with the largest economic entities.

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