Xhaferi has not yet received the referendum initiative submitted by Levica


Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi has not yet received the initiative to hold a referendum, which the opposition party Levica submitted to the Parliament three days ago.
“Until this moment, Speaker Xhaferi has not accepted the initiative to hold a referendum submitted by the Levica political party,” informs the office of the Parliament Speaker.
The moment when the initiative will be officially accepted, the office added, information about the response of the Parliament Speaker to the petitioner of the initiative will be shared through a press release.
On October 7, the leader of Levica Dimitar Apasiev submitted to the archives of the Parliament the request for conducting a mandatory referendum at the state level, in which, if held, the citizens should decide whether they are “in favor” or “against” the conclusions of the French proposal that the legislature passed them on July 16 of this year. Levica’s referendum initiative was submitted with 750 collected signatures.

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