Instead of stealing surplus electricity, the Government should offer it to companies to save jobs, says Mickoski


We offered solutions related to easing the difficult situation of the economy and companies, and therefore I suggested that the surpluses produced by the ESM, instead of ending up in private companies and further somewhere in the Balkans in a suspicious way, should be given away for the production price of the economy, in order to the economy can use those surpluses, and jobs can be saved, said VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski during today’s visit to Prilep.

The opposition leader suggested that instead of the companies paying a price for electricity of 300-400 euros per megawatt hour, ESM should be paid as much as it really costs, and according to calculations, it would be between 80 and 90 euros per megawatt hour. How will they feed their families in the conditions of severe financial and energy crisis, Mickoski added.

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