Macedonia has the most corrupt government in its history, the Council of Europe directly points to a high level of corruption and crime


 Surveys show that the number of people in the Western Balkans is increasing, especially among young people, who are pessimistic about the prospects and accession to the EU.

The European vision is losing its luster. In that place, ethno-nationalism is resurfacing in a very worrying development. What is happening to my country – Macedonia is the best example of this. It was Greece that vetoed the opening of accession negotiations for years and then from 2020 it is Bulgaria, using its position as an EU member state to blackmail Macedonia, deny the existence of the Macedonian nation, deny Macedonian culture and history and claims that the Macedonian language is a dialect of the Bulgarian language.

Macedonia is being pressured to accept all this in order to open accession negotiations and be able to one day become a member state of the EU. The unanimity rule in the accession process was brutally abused by Bulgaria. That is why many young people lose faith or leave the country or look for other alternatives, said the vice-president of VMRO-DPMNE Aleksandar Nikoloski.

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