VMRO-DPMNE proposes five concrete measures to deal with the energy and economic crisis


VMRO-DPMNE says that since the energy crisis causes a difficult social and economic situation in Macedonia, a set of measures is offered that will directly address the essence of the problems, and not like the Government’s measures, which are just a bare marketing trick without a significant effect.

The set of five specific measures offered by VMRO-DPMNE is the following:

  1. Surplus electricity produced by the former ELEM, during the night and the weekend, to be given to the economy at a price that is productive for the former AD ELEM.
  2. In addition, any company that pays a price for electricity that is above the price of the regulated electricity market, half of the difference should be taken by the state.
  3. For the citizens, a VAT-free Weekend should be provided for the basic food products, so that they can be supplied at a lower price, in order to protect the standard of the citizens.
  4. Postponement of the scaled taxation planned by the Government, because it will affect the standard of the citizens, and it will also affect the financial liquidity of the companies.
  5. This involves the desterilization of the cash registers in the National Bank. There are between 150 and 160 million denars of money from the banks from the funds that are recorded in the treasury records. To desterilize them with reduced emission of treasury bills and to return that money back to the banks, and then the banks to market that money to the economy, i.e. to make it available to the economy, which will help the liquidity of the companies, and the jobs will be preserved.
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