The Tetovo modular hospital fire trial postponed yet again


The start of the trial for the fire at the modular hospital has been postponed yet again. This time, the reason was that two of the defendants, BobanVucheski and ArtanEteni, did not have lawyers to defend them in the process. Judge Jordan Velkovski adjourned it to November 8 at 10 am.

The trial was scheduled after the Prosecutor’s Office submitted an indictment from the Tetovo Basic Court on July 27. With that proposal, the PPO Tetovo accused the two directors of the Clinical Hospital Tetovo, FjorinBesimi and ArtanEtemi, for the crime of serious crimes against public security and the doctor BobanVucevski for the crime of not acting according to health regulations during an epidemic, while the legal entity PHI Clinical Hospital Tetovo for crimes of causing public danger and failure to comply with health regulations during an epidemic.

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