Sofijanova: My salary was never MKD 300,000


I have not taken a single denaroutside of my work, I only work at the Clinic for Children’s Diseases and nowhere else. The method of calculation of duty hours is determined by an appropriate legal act and it is respected to the last detail. And finally, my salary was never 300,000 thousand denars, responds the director of the Children’s Clinic, Dr. AspazijaSofijanova, after accusations by journalist FurkanSaliu from Klan TV that Sofijanova took over 3,000 euros per month from the Clinic.

According to Saliu, who also published a document on his Facebook account, which he claims is proof of Sofijanova’s monthly income, a large part of the amount was compensation for on-call duties during which the director of the Children’s Clinic was allegedly not at work. According to the information presented by the journalist, Dr. Sofijanova took more money for her on-call duties than her basic salary.

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