The Skopje DUI wing refused Ahmeti’s invitation and threatened factionalism


The Skopje wing of the Albanian political party DUI did not participate in the consultation meeting called today by the leader Ali Ahmeti. Sources from this group inform that the reason for the boycott of the meeting is their dissatisfaction with the previous meetings and with the way Ahmeti proposed those who are expected to become the vice-presidents of the DUI,” Alsat TV reports.

Alsat TV reported that “it has been learned that, allegedly, Izet Maxhiti has offered his position as party vice-president to Ali Ahmeti, for him to appoint whomever he wants to that position. This is how Mexhiti acted, because he does not agree with the names that Ahmeti proposed as vice presidents. According to certain sources, those names proposed by Ali Ahmeti are: Faton Ahmeti, general secretary; Valdet Xhaferi, organizational secretary; Izet Maxhiti, vice-president; Arta Bilali, vice-president; Arber Ademi, vice-president and Bujar Osmani, spokesperson.”

The wing does not agree with these proposals for DUI vice-presidents, because, according to them, those proposed names, with the exception of Izet Maxhiti, are considered a clique, a group of the vice-prime minister Artan Grubi. The group also believes that the decision-making will remain hostage to the leader Ahmeti and the Deputy Prime Minister Grubi.


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