ESM claims that the production and distribution of thermal heating in Skopje takes place without major problems


There are no defects in the production facilities and the distribution network for thermal energy in the capital Skopje and they are 100% functional, and interventions are made after calls from citizens about defects in apartments or tenant substations, said Aleksandra Marojevikj, assistant to the director of Production in AD ESM, in charge of thermal energy.

“The number of buildings that reported defects before the beginning of the heating season is now decreasing by repairing them, but at the same time, in the first days of the start of heating, new reports appear, on which the teams work continuously,” said Marojevikj.

The defects that have been reported during yesterday up to this point refer to defects from water leakage from the heating installation and defects in the heating stations of the facilities, due to which the consumers’ radiators remained cold. Approximately 600 consumer complaints were reported on Saturday and Sunday.

Regarding the energy sector, Marojevikj informed that the ESM and the state are working to provide gas at the most favorable prices, and if this fails, an alternative solution will be the use of diesel fuel, which is available on the market and will be provided in a timely manner. Also, the country has state reserves in terms of basic energy sources and citizens should be confident about the heating in Skopje.


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