Bislimoski: Schools, hospitals and companies should purchase electricity directly from ESM because it is cheaper, and not through EVN and pay a margin


“Hospitals and health facilities in Macedonia already use electricity from ESM-Sales, instead of from the free market as it was before, where it is much more expensive,” said Marko Bislimovski, the head of the Energy Regulatory Commission (REC), in an interview with TV24.

According to Bislimovski, the ultimate goal is for primary and secondary schools, Macedonian companies, public utility companies and treatment plants to get a lower price of electricity than the market price and instead of financing EVN and paying him a margin, ESM will sell it directly to them.

“My proposal is that the ESM, through its sales company, sells directly to these categories of consumers at a price that will be as low as possible than the price that is currently in the regulated market for small consumers. In that way, we will avoid EVN Home being given additional money for margin, and we will ensure that the ESM, as a state-owned company that received subsidies from the state, will reduce these subsidies,” Bislimoski said.


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