JSP: Employees will get paid, Skopje residents will not be left without public transport


The Public Transport Company – JSP sent a press release as a reaction regarding the statement of the union organizations at JSP Skopje, that they will not do their jobs until they are paid their salary for the month of September.

“Employees will get their deserved salary in the coming days, we will not allow the citizens of Skopje to be left without public transportation. We believe that the central government and part of the municipalities will pay the outstanding obligations they have for the service provided by JSP for organized transportation for certain categories of passengers, funds with which the salary of JSP employees is paid.

We expect that they will settle last year’s debts and current obligations as soon as possible so that the regular work of the company would not be called into question. Despite the difficult situation, to which no one in the country has remained immune, we are working to ensure that public transport continues to function without problems in the interest of all its users,” reads the company’s press release.

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