Firewood is expensive due to the weak implementation of the PE Macedonian Forests, the Government is consciously lining the pockets of private landfills, Tripunovski claims


Uncertainty and fear of possible electricity restrictions due to the energy crisis made citizens look for salvation in firewood. But due to the poor management and incompetence of the SDS government, firewood is nowhere to be found, pointed out Cvetan Tripunovski, chair of the VMRO-DPMNE Commission for Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management.

“PE Macedonian Forests this year has not even realized 20 percent of cut firewood needed to satisfy domestic consumption. In the conditions of the energy crisis, when more and more households that used to be heated by electricity are turning to heating with wood, Macedonian forests do not have sufficient quantities of this energy source,” Tripunovski said, and added that because of this, the citizens, instead of being served by the subsidiaries of PE Macedonian forests are sent to private landfills.

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