State institutions saved up to 20 percent electricity in September


In September 2022, the Government, the courts, the Parliament, the President, ESM and MEPSO saved a total of 20 percent of electricity compared to the September last year.

According to the analysis presented today by the Minister of Economy Kreshnik Bekteshi, if the consumption data of only the administrative buildings of the ministries, the President of the State, the Parliament, the Government,  state-owned ESM and MEPSO are taken into account, the electricity saving is 25 percent. At the same time, six entities have reduced energy consumption in September, but have not achieved savings of 15 percent according to the obligations, while the remaining entities have achieved savings of 15-73 percent, most of them from 25 to 35 percent.

Only the building of the Ministry of Local Self-Government has increased energy consumption by 81 percent. The biggest saving was made in the administrative building of ESM of 75 percent.

Доколку преземете содржина од оваа страница, во целост сте се согласиле со нејзините Услови за користење.


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