Court rules: “Bad blood” is a topic of public interest, Zhan Mitrev’s request denied


IRL research into the treatment of COVID-19 patients is a matter of public interest and journalists must not be silenced from reporting. This is the decision of the Civil Court of Skopje, which rejected the request of Doctor Zhan Mitrev for the removal of the documentary film “Bad Blood” and a ban on further reporting by IRL journalists until his lawsuit for defamation and insult receives a court resolution. The request was rejected as unfounded, reports IRL.

“Since it is an area of ​​public interest, citizens have the right to be informed about the way in which the health activity and protection is carried out and enabled, the measures, activities and procedures that are used and the way of treating patients, as well as the behavior of healthcare workers. The same contributes to a debate of public interest, especially during the duration of the coronavirus pandemic,” the Civil Court’s decision reads.

The Civil Court points out to Doctor Zhan Mitrev that he presents himself in the lawsuit as one of the most renowned Macedonian cardiac surgeons and therefore must accept the interest of journalists into his work.

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