EC report: There is compliance only in foreign policy, weaknesses in culture, agriculture


Macedonia does not take enough care of its cultural heritage and does not allocate enough money for culture and cultural workers, says this year’s report of the European Commission on the country’s progress. Weaknesses have also been noted in agriculture, where more subsidies and implementation of programs like IPARD 3, as well as a new law on organic agriculture that will be in line with the EU law, are also lacking.

The report also provides an overview of the prisons in Macedonia, which have poor conditions and lack staff. But among the positive points is that of the alignment of the country’s foreign policy with the EU. Here, N. Macedonia is praised as a reliable partner that has fully aligned its policy with that of the West.

The document also emphasizes that the recommendations from last year’s report were only partially adopted. Inadequate protection of cultural heritages protected by law, such as Ohrid and the Old Skopje Bazaar, continues.


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