Nuredini: Chebren will supply 180,000 households with electricity


The Chebren hydroelectric plant will have an installed capacity of 333 megawatts and the potential for much more. In addition, I should mention that Chebren HPP will work in a cascade system with the existing Tikvesh HPP, which is on the same basin of Crna Reka, which means that it will be a cascade system with over 400 MW. However, the importance of this installation is not just the added capacity, but the role it will play in balancing the grid and helping our transition to renewable energy. Renewable sources such as solar,

wind, etc. are not constant and they will need a means of balancing when they do not produce, that is, a means that can immediately replace the missing produced capacity, says the Minister of Environment and Spatial Planning Naser Nuredini in an interview with, answering questions related to HEP Chebren.

According to Nuredini, the two hydropower plants would produce a total of about 1200 GWh annually, which is a 33% increase in domestic electricity production, and the state will be able to provide electricity for an additional 180,000 households only from the production of the Chebren hydropower plant, says Minister Nuredini.

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