SSM: Arsovska should not spread panic, there is no politics in the labor struggle


The Mayor of Skopje Danela Arsovska should not spread panic, but help in the fight for the realization of workers’ rights and stop those who violate them, otherwise the facts will be confirmed that workers’ rights are being violated at her dictation by her sheriffs who as a reminder, they left more than 1,000 workers in JSP without pay, and now they want to leave more than 1,000 workers in PE Water Supply and Sewerage – Skopje without a job if they are not obedient to the acting director.
“At yesterday’s extraordinary press conference in which Mayor Arsovska lied that Skopje’s water would be cut off by the union, panic was being spread, and at the same time slander and insult, in order to hide the illegal actions of her Acting Director in Waterworks and to escape responsibility for the illegal operation”, said the SSM.

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