Macedonia should start negotiations with the EU without any conditions and delays, to protect the identity and separateness of the Macedonian language  


The great event that is happening in Brussels, where the future of Europe is being talked about, I am talking to numerous politicians, current and former prime ministers, deputy prime ministers, ministers, but also representatives of the global business sector, journalists and civil activists, the vice president of opposition VMRO-DPMNE Aleksandar Nikoloski pointed out on Thursday.

“I have the honor this year to be part of the selection of the 40 most influential people in Europe under 40 years old, and with that privilege I can talk about the situation in democracy in Europe in these three days. But, also about thinking of a new approach to a new era in Europe in times of conflict. Here, with all the interlocutors I speak with, I stress that it is necessary for Macedonia to start accession negotiations with the EU without delay and without any additional conditions. The Macedonian national identity, the Macedonian separateness, and the Macedonian language must also be protected,” said Nikoloski.


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