Mickoski: I’m going to Blagoevgrad to support the Macedonians in Bulgaria, I’m sorry that the President and the PM decided not to go and be servants of other people’s interests


VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski, before Thursday’s event at the Hilton Hotel “Political dialogue of the EPP – the parties from the region”, said that he would attend the opening of the Macedonian club in Blagoevgrad to support the Macedonians in Bulgaria, ‘to let it be known that Macedonia stands behind them and that VMRO-DPMNE will not give up and will protect their interests’.

“We do not have an anti-Bulgarian attitude, we have a pro-Macedonian attitude. I expect it to pass in the spirit of friendship between the two Macedonian and Bulgarian peoples. We are going there to support our people in Bulgaria, to give our support as VMRO-DPMNE, me as the leader of the largest political party, to encourage them that their native country Macedonia stands behind them and that it will defend and protect their interests and that we as VMRO – DPMNE has no intention of giving up on our brothers on that side of the border,” Mickoski said.

Regarding the fact that Prime Minister Kovachevski decided not to go, and President Pendarovski says that he was not invited, Mickoski stressed that he does not believe what they are saying and that this was an opportunity to show political unity, but they decided to serve other people’s interests.



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