Savings in domestic banks amount to EUR 5.27 billion


The Deposit Insurance Fund and the Macedonian Banking Association mark the World Savings Day, October 31. The celebration of the Day focuses on the role of stabilizers in society that savings and banking have in the overall financial system. Stability results from trust in banks that are partners in society, are close to customers, serve households and help small and medium-sized companies.

Despite the strong external negative influences on the economy in Macedonia, the banking sector today can be assessed as stable, solid, resistant to the global crisis caused by the military conflict that is still ongoing and raging in Ukraine, and which was preceded by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Proof of the solidity of the banking sector is the total amount of the population’s deposits, which in September 2022 is 325 billion denars or 5.27 billion euros, or expressed as a percentage, it represents an increase of 5.41% compared to the same period last year, reads the joint press release on Monday.

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