SSO: Market-oriented business entities in the country achieved 1,627,737 million denars in total turnover last year


The Macedonian economy is dominated by micro-enterprises with less than 10 employees (90.9 percent), and most of them are from the field of trade. With 35.1 percent of the total employees engaged, they created 22.1 percent of the total added value. Large enterprises with a share of only 0.2 percent and with 24.1 percent of employees engaged, create 31 percent of the total added value within the business sector, mainly in the Processing Industry sector (13.7 percent).

However, the greatest potential is for small and medium-sized enterprises (with 10 to 249 employees), which employed 40.7 percent of employees and created 46.9 percent of the total added value in the business sector, according to structural business statistics for 2021.

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