Mickoski on the “20%” wording of the Constitution: Let’s focus on solving citizens’ problems instead of creating new divisions


The bottom line is that both Macedonians and Albanians and Turks and Serbs and Vlachs and Bosniaks and Roma live badly. Let’s focus on those problems. Let’s not create new divisions and new polarization that does not benefit anyone, said VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski, asked regarding the request of the Albanian parties to remove the “20%” wording in the Constitution.

The opposition leader added that in this regard, the explanation of some representatives of the Albanian parties who mentioned a bicameral parliament was more frightening.

“The formation of a bicameral Parliament would mean de facto and de jure federalization, and I think that this is a very wrong move and a violation of the unitary character of Macedonia, because neither Europe nor the world needs another Bosnia in the Balkans. We are against it and that is the red line that we are ready to defend with all the means available to us as a political party,” Mickoski said.

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