Joveski urges prosecutors to vote for head ofPPO for Organized Crime without any influence or pressure


The head State Public Prosecutor LjubomirJoveski sent a message through the media to all prosecutors in the country to vote “freely and unburdened of any influences and pressures” for the head of the Prosecutor’s Office for Organized Crime and Corruption on November 7. Four prosecutors, including Ruskovska herself, as well as Islam Abazi, NeziriErmon and DesaPaunovska, applied for this position, which was previously held by VilmaRuskovska. Voting will take place on Monday during working hours, and the results will be summarized by the Council of Public Prosecutors.

“I want to call on all of you to freely and unburdened of any influences and pressures cast your vote for the candidate who has the best program and vision for the future functioning of the PPO for Organized Crime and Corruption. I believe that each of you individually will know how to make the right choice, and all together as public prosecutors we will show that we have a clear goal for an independent and strong public prosecutor’s organization,” Jovevski pointed out.

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