Manipulated citizens paid over MKD 5,000 for a cubic meter of firewood


Such a difference in price, between the offer from PE “National Forests” and that of private individuals, has not been noticed during the past years. According to the citizens, the price difference between PE “National Forests” and private individuals was at most 500 denars per cubic meter.

Since the end of August, the price of wood, firewood and technical wood has increased by 20 percent in the PE “National Forests”. The price of firewood was not raised for 13 years.

“In our warehouses, the price per square meter is MKD 3000 plus VAT. It is a price determined by a decision of the management board and allowed by the Government. What private individuals buy from us, they usually buy from a warehouse or from a forest-truck road where the price is lower, because it is wood that they buy from the forest. That’s normal because they have to take people who have to load, it’s about long distances, a long way, and bring it to the end consumers. The price is set by the private individuals themselves, plus what the Government brought – a 10 percent margin in relation to their costs,” the PE’s head Valentin Gruevski told the media.


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