EDS shows tendency of constant growth of its market share on the Macedonian electricity market


Due to the sharp rise in electricity prices in the second half of 2021, EDS also experienced a sharp increase in its portfolio due to the trend of smaller suppliers terminating supply contracts with their customers. I expect EDS to end 2022 with a market share of over 30 percent of the free segment of the market,” says ZlatkoCherepnalkoski, the executive director of sales and marketing at EDS, in an interview with Faktor.mk.

At this moment, the balance group that EDS supplies with electricity consists of 578 legal entities, of which 264 are public enterprises and institutions, and 314 are private companies. The company’s plan in the coming period is to continue with good business practices, to incorporate the corporate brand of PPC SA, the Greek national energy company that owns EDS since 2018, into its operations and to continuously increase its portfolio.


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