Osmani to propose that the Law on Associations be sent to the Venice Commission


The cultural and informational centers in Skopje and Sofia are the means of exchange of cultural and other information between the two sides. However, citizens have the right to associate, but in the spirit of friendship. The Law on Associations that was passed in the Macedonian Parliament aims to prevent the sabotage of communities by other stakeholders, said Macedonian Foreign Minister BujarOsmani at a joint press conference with his Bulgarian counterpart NikolayMilkov in Sofia.

Asked about the comments on the law, Osmani said that he will propose that the Government send the Law on Associations to the Venice Commission for an opinion. However, Minister Osmani did not specifically answer the question of whether there will be an official Macedonian club in Blagoevgrad, but said that the institutions, that is, the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, should lead cooperation and bilateral relations.

Regarding the reactions in the country that Bulgaria challenges our language, and nationality, Osmani replied that one of the most basic feelings is that someone challenges your language and uniqueness.

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