The Government is preparing an inflationary, bloated monster-budget, saving and cutting non-productive expenses is necessary


These projections that we are now seeing for the year 2023, the IMF has predicted that they will happen in 2025 for the revenues, and for the expenditures until 2026. From there, no other qualification can be given except that this is an inflationary, inflated, monster budget, said VMRO-DPMNE EC member Trajko Slaveski in an interview with “Studio 10” on TV24.

The former finance minister indicated that he worries that the fiscal policy does not help the monetary policy in suppressing inflation.

“The more expansive the budget is, and we said that it is inflationary, the more the monetary policy should be tightened by the Central Bank. What is the qualification that we have price stability when inflation is the highest since 1996. Currently, both fiscal and monetary policies are expansionary and that is not working. Savings and reduction of unproductive costs are needed,” Slaveski pointed out.


Доколку преземете содржина од оваа страница, во целост сте се согласиле со нејзините Услови за користење.


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