Despotovski to publicly announce at least one investment that he personally managed to attract, in what way and through what strategy, says Miteva


Government officials decide to hide themselves through written statuses on social networks, with pale, non-content and empty statuses, instead of specifically answering the public’s questions. According to the director of TIDZ Jovan Despotovski,  in Macedonia, in less than two years, there are contracts for new investments of over 620 million euros, and more than 70% were new companies that invested for the first time. Well, we urge Despotovski to publish them and for at least one of them to say how he personally attracted it, which methods and knowledge he used, said spokesperson of VMRO-DPMNE Marija Miteva at a press briefing on Wednesday.

Miteva added that most of the so-called “new investments” are expansions or reinvestments of the previous ones, whose arrival was criticized as happening only because of high subsidies. Now their previously planned expansions are presented as new investments and projects, and additional state aid is granted.

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