Kovachki: A EUR 3,500 bribe is given for participation in a peace mission, and EUR 5,000 for a professional soldier


Member of Parliament and member of the VMRO-DPMNE Executive Committee Dragan Kovachki, at today’s Parliamentary Defense Committee accused that a bribe of 3,500 euros was given for participation in a peace mission, while 5,000 euros for the reception of a professional soldier, and as Kovachki pointed out, the one line is through persons to the ruling SDS, while the other is through DUI.

“I also know about an amount of money that is given to the course for professional soldiers, that is, for non-commissioned officers and for the reception of professional soldiers, and that amount is 5,000 euros. And we know to which persons it is given, and I am not saying this by heart and I am not saying it just like that. We have been warning about this for a long time, and I posted on Facebook that there was a fight the previous weekend, in the non-commissioned officers reception area. You have a situation where people have applied to that non-commissioned officer course, an order is issued at the start of the course, but the list is not yet defined. There is one line that goes through SDS, and one that goes through DUI,” Kovachki said.


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