Organized Crime Prosecutor Abazi to investigate his father-in-law in the “Besa Trans” case


First Transport Inspector Rufat Husaini is the father of the wife of Islam Abazi, the newly elected head of the Prosecutor’s Office for Organized Crime and Corruption. Husaini was part of the system that allowed “Besa Trans” buses to enter domestic and international traffic without proper control, Alfa TV reported on Thursday.

“Now son-in-law Abazi will have to prove where the failures of the competent institutions are because ‘Besa Trans’ was doing business with permits and why the technical inspection station in Saraj, where the bus got the green light, with a series of irregularities, was not closed. Licenses and certificates are issued by the Ministry of Transport, but is responsible for their control, reported TV Alfa.

Forty-five Macedonian citizens were killed in a traffic accident of a “Besa Trans” bus in Bulgaria in November, 2021.

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