M-NAV’s second echelon disagrees with directors’ decisions on air traffic controller competition


Twelve people, including deputy directors, chiefs, instructors, experts, heads of departments, yesterday resigned from their positions in M-NAV, dissatisfied with the decisions of the three directors to delay the sending of training to Denmark for new air traffic controllers who have already passed all the tests. They say that they will withdraw their resignations only if the directors do not immediately change their decision and send the eight selected to the necessary training.

“The three members of the Board of Directors and directors in the agency: Fahrudin Hamidi, Migjan Selmani and Vlatko Krstevski, want to cancel the announcement for air traffic controllers, because out of 270 applicants, only 8 candidates passed, among whom are not their own, nor the children of officials from the ranks of DUI, the news website reported on Thursday.

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