The Jean Monnet process is a farce, Levica will not participate in the dialogue, says Apasiev


Opposition party Levica will not participate in the Jean Monnet dialogue on amendments to the Rules of Procedure, because it believes that the purpose of the process is not to adopt modern European rules of procedure for the work of the Parliament, party leader Dimitar Apasiev informed on Friday.
“It is a mere farce. At the beginning, as we participated, I personally participated with constructive proposals, we took everyone from Yugoslavia down to today, none of that is accepted. They have their own tendency to do that, and we don’t want to legitimize that process and our representative does not participate. From the meeting in Mavrovo onwards, we do not participate,” Apasiev said when asked by the media why the party decided not to participate in the last Jean Monnet meeting, the process for the Rules of Procedure that took place at the beginning of the week.

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