Macedonia records 103,787 tourists in September – mostly from Turkey, Serbia, Poland and Germany


The number of tourists in September 2022 is 103,787, of which 32.9 percent are domestic, and 67.1 percent are foreign. In September, 221,927 overnight stays were officially registered, of which 36.9 percent were from domestic tourists, and 63.1 percent from foreign ones, the State Statistics Office (SSO) announced on Friday.
Of the total of 69,633 foreign tourists recorded, the most numerous are from Turkey. 11,187, followed by those from Serbia – 7,617, from Poland – 4,647, Germany – 4,314, Bulgaria – 2,900, Greece – 2,485, etc.
In September 2022, 46,594 tourists visited lake areas, 35,729 were registered in Skopje, 4,649 mountain places, 3,276 spa places, and over 13,000 tourists visited other places. 85,498 tourists used hotel accommodation, of which 24,114 chose five-star hotels. 12,183 are accommodated in houses, holiday apartments and rooms for rent, and about a thousand tourists used camps, overnight stays and spa treatment centers.

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