Kovachki: The ANB director does not deserve to be ambassador after giving a positive opinion on citizenship for a person on the US blacklist


The director of the National Security Agency (ANB), Viktor Dimovski, does not deserve to be ambassador to France. The Macedonian public was informed several times in the past month alone that the Agency has been put in full charge of crime and the SDSM and DUI parties, Dragan Kovachki from the ranks of VMRO-DPMNE said on Saturday.

“The latest scandal with the creation of a positive check for a person to obtain citizenship that was wanted with a warrant and was put on the blacklist of the strategic ally – the USA, only confirms that the ANB is in a complete knockout and that crime is deeply penetrated into the structures. It is obvious that when it comes to money, there is no law and procedure for the management of the ANB that cannot be circumvented, while not taking into account the damage to the international reputation that it causes to the youngest NATO member”, Kovachki said in a Facebook post.

The opposition MP adds that after this one and all other scandals, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs must reconsider the decision to send Dimovski as ambassador to Paris, and if the ministry does not do that, Kovachki calls on President Stevo Pendarovski to react on the matter.

“If the MFA does not withdraw the decision to nominate the still current director of the ANB as ambassador to France, President Pendarovski must make the next move. At least once, he should dare and not be a party executor, that is, he should sign the Decree for a person who brings shame to Macedonia”, said Kovachki.

The reaction from the MP of the opposition VMRO-DPMNE comes after the Prizma news portal reported on Friday that the Ukrainian politician Oleksandr Onishchenko received Macedonian citizenship in May 2022, although he is on the list of sanctioned persons from the United States, on which he was added in January 2021, due to that he is “a member of the Russian network that influenced the US presidential election”.

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