ESM provides gas until the end of November for the East and West heating plants


AD ESM provided the necessary amount of natural gas for the operation of the East and West heating plants for the period November 16-30, 2022. The gas is provided by Makpetrol at a price of 1345 euros for 1000 nm3.

AD ESM will continue to make gas purchases for shorter periods of time in order to take advantage of the financial benefit from the continuous reduction in the price of gas on the market.

As we previously informed, the heating plants will continue to work on natural gas during the heating season as the basic and most environmentally friendly energy source for their operation.

In the meantime, the system is technically being prepared for testing the use of an alternative fuel, diesel, as a backup solution in cases where, due to geopolitical developments in Europe, gas would become unavailable on the market or reach extremely high prices.

The testing will be performed after securing all appropriate permits from the competent institutions and respecting the attributions for the procedure.


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