Spasovski: The security situation is stable and there are no indications of a disturbance


The security situation in the country in the entire territory is currently stable, safe and there are no indications of disruption, said Minister of the Interior Oliver Spasovski, confirming that events from the immediate and wider environment, as well as the crisis, can have an impact.

“Now, can the events that are happening to us and the immediate and wider environment affect it, of course. Here is the war with Russia’s military aggression in Ukraine, but also other aspects, primarily the economic and energy crisis, all of which affect the security situation. And that’s why all security and law enforcement services have been put into full operation,” said Minister Spasovski on Saturday.

Regarding the bomb threats in Skopje high schools, according to Spasovski, it is more than clear and we should not be great experts neither on the theory nor on organized crime, that a hybrid attack is taking place.

The minister points out that this is a monstrous act because it causes anxiety among the citizens, and among the teaching staff, and among the students, among every single normal person, regardless of what reasons this is done.

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