Spasovski: The Government decided on the case of the Ukrainian citizen


Macedonian Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski said Sunday that the Ukrainian politician Oleksandr Onyshchenko received a positive check for obtaining Macedonian citizenship from four institutions and that the Government, which has the discretionary right, made a decision to grant Onyshchenko citizenship.

“Acquiring citizenship according to Article 11 of the Law on Citizenship, means that it is not citizenship that is adopted by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, but by the Government. The Ministry of the Interior collects practically all documents. It is about a subject that received positive evaluations from four relevant institutions in the country. Ultimately it comes down to the Government, the Government has the discretion to grant or deny citizenship to anyone who has applied under this section. All checks from all four institutions were positive,” said Spasovski.

According to the minister, the Agency for National Security, the Macedonian Olympic Committee and the Agency for Youth and Sports gave a positive evaaluation on obtaining citizenship in this particular case.

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