Children with diabetes wait for procurement of sensors for five years, no regular exam appointments available


Children with diabetes in the country still do not have sensors that will painlessly measure glycemia. The president of BALANCE MK – the Association for Children’s Diabetes Natasha Despotovska-Dimitrievska says that five years have passed since the request was submitted to the authorities and she sincerely believes that this year there will finally be a solution to this issue. The costs of parents who purchase the sensors from abroad are on average around 1500 euros per year.

“We believe that the Ministry of Health will make an effort and that the children will finally receive the sensors. For many years, parents have had a hard time getting them, because we order them through third parties from abroad, and the financial cost is really high. On average, those sensors cost about 1,500 euros per child per year,” said Despotovska-Dimitrievska at today’s Round Table “Challenges for diabetes in Macedonia – together with each other”, on the occasion of November 14 – World Diabetes Day.


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