Government expects bread, milk and flour prices to drop by 10 percent


With the latest measures to ensure more affordable electricity for the food industry, we expect the prices of bread, milk, flour and other basic food products to drop by 10 percent in an attempt to protect the citizens’ living standard, Macedonian Prime Minister DimitarKovachevskitold a press conference on Wednesday.

At the joint press conference after the meeting with the Secretary of State for European affairs Laurence Boone, Kovachevski once again underlined that the EU proved to be a trustworthy partner and fulfilled its promises, and the last support the country received from the Union was a grant of 80 million euros to tackle the energy and economic crisis.

“This support comes because the EU recognized that we are a responsible Government that responsibly manages the Budget. It was with this approach that we were able to return money to the citizens when it was most needed and to provide twice anti-crisis measures for the protection of the most vulnerable categories of citizens and for the protection of companies in the amount of 760 million euros. That’s why we were able to provide liquidity for companies, which protected jobs, and continuously provide 80 percent subsidized electricity, as well as affordable electricity for the smooth functioning of the vital functions of the country,” the Prime Minister pointed out.

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