Ministry of Interior fails to find out who is behind the fake bomb threats for three weeks, says Kovachki


MP from the ranks of VMRO-DPMNE Dragan Kovachki, in an interview with the “Only Truth” political show on Kanal 5 TV, says that the Ministry of Interior has not been able to find out for three weeks who is behind the fake bomb threats in high schools and is creating fear among citizens because instead of dealing with that, it deals with crime and corruption.
“You cannot expect someone to falsely report and wreak havoc in schools, create unrest and fear among students and parents, disrupt the educational process for three weeks, and not find out what is happening and who is behind it. But this is so because the Ministry of Internal Affairs, instead of dealing with these matters, deals with crime. The Ministry of Internal Affairs is full of corruption and the Ministry of Internal Affairs is mainly for the organization and sale of drugs,” said MP Kovachki and added that the former public prosecutor also confirmed this when she stated that the raid to arrest people was carried out by the Ministry of Interior.

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