“Parasites” scandal: SDSM’s Kire Naumov is paid EUR 120,000 euros per term, and no one knows what he does for that money


While the people are starving, and a family where both spouses receive a minimum wage cannot provide all the necessary foodstuff and meet life’s needs for a month, officials appointed by the government receive salaries of several thousand euros per month, and for one term the numbers range into several hundreds of thousands of euros, member of the VMRO-DPMNE Central Committee Ivica Tomovski told a press conference on Thursday.
And the poverty in which the majority of citizens live is not the only problem, but also the fact that these officials have not justified the money they take with anything. The people do not see any benefit from their work.
“Kire Naumov from the ranks of SDS, director of the Macedonian Bank for Reconstruction and Development, is another in the series of officials involved in the “Parasites” scandal. Naumov, who was the deputy minister of finance of SDS, today receives over 2,500 euros a month, for one year he charges over 30,000 euros, and for one term even 120,000 euros. So while the government takes a meal from the students, Naumov earns 2,500 euros each month on the back of the state,” said Tomovski.

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