Ahmeti: We are in talks with the Alliance for Albanians over joining the Government


The leader of the Democratic Union for Integration (DUI) Ali Ahmeti said that Saturday’s meeting at the party headquarters in Mala Rechica, which lasted 11 hours, was one of a series of traditional party meetings, and it included a constructive debate.

At the meeting, remarks were heard on the report of the executive authority, in order to improve the work in these institutions. The issue of vetting was discussed, where as DUI we have a responsibility for the smooth functioning of the state. There were also various topics, we discussed education, healthcare, and the implementation of the Albanian language. There will be no stopping the DUI debates or differing opinions. I am one of those who would not agree if dissent is suppressed, but in the end, the opinion of the majority must be respected. Democracy has its limits, which means that anarchy is not allowed in a democracy, Ahmeti said.

Asked about the possibility of the Alliance for Albanians joining the government coalition, Ahmeti stressed that he and Prime Minister Dimitar Kovachevski are in talks, but, as he indicated, it is still too early to talk about an epilogue.

“This topic was also opened. I held meetings with their representatives. Kovachevski also met with Taravari. We will see what kind of epilogue there will be from the talks that will take place between the two sides. No details have been discussed yet, it is an ongoing process. We, as Albanians, need greater unity, to be a little more organized in the direction of accomplishing the mission,” Ahmeti added.

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