Evidence from the European Police Organization disappeared from the Prosecutor’s Office for Organized Crime


    Evidence of a crime prosecuted by the Public Prosecutor’s Office for Organized Crime and Corruption disappeared from the office, which was delivered personally to Skopje by representatives of the European Police Organization, reports Svedok.mk.

    “The evidence disappeared during the period when the PPO was without a leader and it was managed by Prosecutor Trajce Pelivanov, who, according to the Council of Public Prosecutors, was appointed to the position only to receive mail and sign salary forms,” reads the article.

    “Our sources from both organizations explain that during August, European representatives personally delivered the evidence to the Organized Crime Public Prosecutor’s Office, for that they received a signature for the received materials, but they are not sure if it was the day before the suspension or the day after the suspension of head Prosecutor Vilma Ruskoska. But they are sure that the evidence was not delivered to the prosecutor in question, who was on vacation at that time,” added Svedok.mk.

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