Deadline for companies to apply for purchase of electricity at a preferential price of 80 to 95 euros per MWh ends Wednesday


To take advantage of the opportunity and submit documentation for the supply of electricity at a preferential price through “ESM Sale” from December 1, the deadline expires tomorrow, said the Minister of Economy Kreshnik Bekteshi on Tuesday.

“AD ESM has extended the deadline until November 23. About 1000 companies can do that according to the data from the Central Registry. Until two or three days ago, the number of companies that submitted an application was about 300. I invite everyone to take advantage of the opportunity, because from December 1 additional measures of the Ministry of Economy will follow in the area of ​​trade,” Bekteshi said. The minister added that for individuals and legal entities from the food industry, ESM will offer a preferential price of 80 euros per hour, for PE from water management the preferential price will be 95 euros per hour, the same as for the 365 basic and the 109 secondary public schools and public healthcare facilities.

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